For the past few years, we’ve teamed up with Cheshire East Council and Higher Horizons to provide online and in-person courses for our Creative Careers in Crewe project.  In the latest and final instalment for the project, Boost Creativity 2022, we ran three online courses throughout the summer: Animation, Photography and Filmmaking.

Each of the online courses was made up of four, weekly sessions.  The driving purpose behind the whole Creativity in Crewe project is to provide opportunities for young people, who are facing challenging circumstances. Our aim was to help these young people to learn new skills, get hands-on experiences and to find out about routes into creative careers.

Animation Course:

The animation course was an introduction to the craft and a look behind the curtain of the animation industry. We looked at inspirational animators and studios, to delve into the job roles and career paths available.

Each week we learned about different types of animation such as digital animations, rotoscoping, and stop motion. We got hands-on making animations during all of the sessions. Take a look below at some of the amazing animations that were created by the young people during the stop motion animation week:

Photography Course:

The photography course covered the basic principles of photography, our device’s camera settings, composition, and lighting. We rounded off the course with some digital editing techniques in our final session. We also learned about the multitude of pathways into a photography career and how various iconic photographers found their own paths into the industry. 

Take a look at some of the participants shots in the gallery below:

Filmmaking Course

This short course was an introduction to the basics of filmmaking; we learned about analysing film, shot types, camera movements and angles. We explored the industry, taking a look at the work of inspiring filmmakers the job roles available, career pathways and qualifications.

Here’s a quick video recap of what we got up to over the 4 weeks:

Thank you to all the students for an incredible summer on the Boost Creativity project. We’ve sent out Amazon gift vouchers to the participants as a well-earned reward…we know at least one student is buying some art materials, which is fantastic to hear. 

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