Hello everyone, I’m Andy; the newest member of the Mako Create team. Having freelanced with Mako for over a decade we decided the time was right for me to take the plunge and join up full-time to help out with video work, website content and of course our digital skills workshops.

My first assignment was our Coding and Robotics course, with the first of six weekly sessions at Halton Lea Library as part of a project called Creativity and Wellbeing in Halton. Thanks to Halton Borough Council‘s Youth Fund we’ve had the opportunity to design a set of sessions which combines core robotics skills; including coding, judgement of factors and use of mechanical components with health and wellbeing. We know the past 18 months have been really tough for everybody, particularly young people, so we’ve taken extra care to give our participants time to reflect on their feelings during the course and will go further than before to create a supportive, constructive working atmosphere.

As you can see I had a great time at our first session as our participants coded some drone flights. Alongside Paul and Lauren I made sure everyone stayed safe (and on-task!) as the drones flew all around the room. Mako’s drone workshops have always been a favourite of mine; they are a perfect combination of fun and education, with participants learning fundamental coding skills through enjoyable, competitive challenges.

I’m sure my next few weeks will be packed with learning, hard work and loads of chances to meet all kinds of people as we ramp up Mako’s face-to-face workshop programme. I hope to see you at a session very soon!

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