There are lots of ways to Experience everything we do at Mako Create

At Mako Create we work with lots of different types of organisations and individuals.

We offer private workshops at schools, youth centres and beyond, while also running community projects that are often open to the general public. We also stream our experiences online so no matter where you are in the world, you can always create with us.

This means there are 3 primary ways to create with us:

  • Book us to run a private workshop with your audience
  • Join in at an up and coming workshop*
  • Watch one of our on-demand experiences and get creative at home

*Please check the details on public workshops before attending as restrictions may applyย 

View Bookable Mako Create Experiences

Take a look at ‘What We Do” for a range of bespoke Mako Create Experiences which you can book for private delivery, either in person or online.

See what’s Coming Up at Mako Create


See what’s on in our “Coming Up” section for public Mako Create sessions*, either in your area on online.
*restrictions may apply

Watch On-Demand Mako Create Experiences


Take a look at the Mako Create “On-Demand” section to view our videos and resources to get creative at anytime.

Book Now

If you want some more info or you are ready to book a Mako Create Experience, get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to help.