Code-A-Drone with MAKE.

On Saturday we marked our first time working with Make. During the day we travelled ver to the venue to deliver Lego Stop Motion and Code-A-Drone workshops. In Code-A-Drone, we specifically use an application called Tynker to build and piece the commands for the drone to then receive. This is a brief introduction of physical coding in action. We work with small groups of young people to demonstrate how coding using an iPad can lead to piloting a mini-drone.

Once your drone is up and flying in the air what else is there to do? Besides performing awesome stunts!

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In the workshop, we teach participants how to fly, turn, do stunts and land safely. We then set out a range of coding challenges that will put these newfound skills to the test. Our workshop has opportunities for participants to talk to each other, but coding the drones itself is a self-focused task. For those wanting to work more 1:1 then our Lego Stop Motion is the workshop for you.

Lego Stop Motion Animation

Afterwards, we set up the venue for a more hands-on, a personalised experience where each participant has their own workstation to create their very own stop-motion animation.

People attending could bring their own lego if they wish to do so. In the workshop, we briefly go through into teaching how to create a storyboard and a backdrop. 

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We were delighted to see many aspiring animators in our workshops, some who were already creating and publishing their content online. Once the lego stop animation videos have been made, we assist with the editing process, in which special effects can be added into videos.

Looking to gift a workshop as a Christmas present?

We also have more events taking place at Make. Liverpool all over again, if you missed us last time, now there’s another chance to get involved in the action!

Book now while places are still available!

Code-A-Drone Workshop

Saturday 20th January 2018

1:00pm – 3:00pm

Lego Stop Motion Workshop

Saturday 20th January 2018

1:00pm – 3:00pm