We’re excited to announce that we have a new project coming up!

Luminate is coming to Crewe at the end of January and will run for nine weeks. During the project, you will get the chance to learn a range of creative, digital and art skills that you will use to create electronic light artwork.ย 

As part of the project, you will get the opportunity to see your collaborative work displayed at Lumen, Crewe’s light festival, as well as at an exhibition-style show which will allow you to showcase your solo digital light art.ย 

During the sessions, you will be given your very own light pack, which will contain a range of technology to help you create your artwork throughout the project. You will be able to keep this light pack to ensure you can continue to learn once the project has finished.ย 

If getting stuck into a load of creative projects and working as a team towards a digital light installation sounds like your thing, then Luminate is for you!

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This activity is part of the Luminate Project, our collaboration with Crewe libraries and funded by National Lottery and Arts Council England.