A Big Move and Celebration

This week has been a busy week for the Mako Create team.

Weโ€™ve got lots to celebrate following a hectic yet wonderful Halton MakeFest.

This week we made our move from Culture HQ, our home for the past several months, to our new premises at Grangeway Youth and Community Centre.

Our first ever booking was at Grangeway or Hrmz/The Hub as it was known back then, when Mako Create or (Mako Education as were known back then) was in its infancy.

The company has grown so much since then, going from a core group of 4 to 7 employees over the last 8 months.

That brings us to our next celebration; today is our birthday!

Mako Create is 11 years old today and we are proud of the journey we have come on, growing our repertoire of digital creative activities and provisions in the local area and further afield.


Mako has come a long long way since it was just Sean, Ian and these mad news reports!

We look forward to all the creativity the future brings!