The Venue

We have been lucky enough to return back to Storyhouse, the Chester based Cinema / Theatre / All round creative space has collaborated with us giving us the space to deliver multiple workshops. We’ve worked with them before and we’re very happy that we returned to offer another set of workshops. 

Lego Stop-Motion Workshop

(2 hours AM) 

It was great to see so many faces at the LEGO Stop Motion animation workshop, we were overwhelmed by the amount of enthusiastic budding animators that joined us, as it was one of our biggest workshops. Storyhouse was the perfect venue as we had a huge projector and plenty of space to deliver, meaning (hopefully) everyone could see and understand what we were doing.

We were highly impressed by how quickly everyone adapted to the animation software, which was ran via the tablets we provided. Going round the room made us realise how talented everyone is, we had more projects than we can count that came out looking fantastic. Well done to those that brought their own LEGO to play about with (although we do always provide enough for everyone).

For those that attended the session, all of your amazing videos can be found here

AR Colouring

(2 Hours AM)

Friday was a super busy day for us as we were running two workshops simultaneously, all day. Alongside the LEGO Workshop we did Augmented Reality colouring in. Using iPads and special template images, our participants got to see their own colourings come to life. We offer a mixed set of design templates to work from, meaning everyone is catered for. 

Computer Game Design workshop

(2 Hours NOON)

The Computer Game Design workshop went fantastically, we were overwhelmed by how creative everyone got with both their designs and gameplay. Using our tablets everyone had the opportunity to create their own Pixel Platforming Action game, using their own uniquely designed characters such as Space Aliens to existing characters like Spider-Man, our games designers had it all covered.

Badge Making

(2 Hours NOON)

Not everything we do is electronic based, Our Badge making workshop is fully analogue. Using a press our creators made a multitude of different designed badges of different sizes. We had some templates based on emojis to be coloured in, but where people really shined was when our blank templates came out as it allowed them full creative freedom. 


BBC Micro:Bits

(2 Hours PM)

The Micro:Bits workshop is the perfect introduction to coding (as is our Code-A-Sphero workshop). The Micro Bit is a pocket-sized code-able computer with Motion Detection & Bluetooth built in. Using specialised coding software, which offers an easy to follow interface,  we ran everyone through the basics. While the Micro:Bit may look simple it offers a large amount of flexibility, its 25 LEDs can be programmed to light up messages, or even create games. During our session we created a game based off “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, after introducing everyone to the hardware and software. 


(1 Hour 30 Minuites PM)

Coding can sound rather complex, but using the Sphero and its related software we’ve broken down the fundamentals of coding into an easy to understand and enjoyable workshop. Our budding coders, worked hard to create some diverse mazes for the Sphero to follow. Due to the size of the workshop we were able to give each person there own Sphero to play about with, we were utterly amazed that three of our participants created a relay in which each Sphero bumped each other into the right place. 


We frequently get asked what type of events do we cater for.

We will collabarate with anyone that can host us.

Everything is covered from Birthday Parties, to After School Clubs, to Corporate Events (we don’t just do workshops for kids, adults are catered for too).

If you or anyone you know is interested in working with us, click below to get in touch via our Contact page.