Into Film CPD Training for Teachers

Into Film Teacher CPD Training Overview

We are delighted to be entering our sixth year in partnership with Into Film, delivering FREE film-based CPD training to schools across Haslton and beyond. This CPD training. in which we use creative video production and film analysis techniques to boost enegaement and literacy in the classroom, has been popular among teachers of students of all ages and abilities. 

By signing your school up for our 2022-23 provision your teaching staff will benefit from a bespoke CPD course of four face-to-face training sessions over the course of the academic year. This approach means we are able to provide continual support to our trainees, whilst also providing more in-depth training.

When can we deliver CPD training?

We pride ourselves on being flexible and able to accommodate most school requirements. 

All four CPD sessions will be delivered at dates of your school’s choosing (subject to availability) over the course of this academic year. Training sessions can be during school time or after school and will last approximately 90-120 minutes each.

How will the CPD training be delivered?  

A member of the Mako Create team will come to your school and deliver a series of bespoke, face-to-face engaging and educational training sessions.

As these courses are all designed specifically for schools, many of the courses can be undertaken without the need for any technical equipment. Where equipment is required, trainees will usually need nothing more than a tablet or smartphone, which can be provided by us.

What courses can schools choose?  

There are lots of courses to choose from:

For more information on these programmes please contact us or feel free to visit the Into Film website here.


As this course is fully funded (100% FREE to you) so we need all schools who sign up to be able to commit to the following:

  • Partake in four CPD sessions throughout the school year.
  • Have a minimum of 15 teachers or TAs at each session.
  • Complete the necessary feedback on the training received.
  • Have one teacher complete a case study of the project.

Download our Into Film 2022-23 CPD Flyer

If you want to download and print our Into Film CPD flyer to share with your school faculty, please click below

How to get involved

If you want to discuss your CPD Training needs further or to book our highly rated FREE CPD training programme, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

 Places are limited, so get in touch asap to book your school’s FREE Into Film CPD Training.