In 2014 we met with Groundworks to discuss an idea they had for a landscape and heritage project. After a successful bid to the National Lottery’s Heritage Lottery Fund, Saltscape project was launched.

Saltscape are a partnership that protects, enhances and celebrates the distinct landscape of the Weaver Valley. As a result, their work is split up into four sections; Salt People, Salt Skills, Salt Industry Salt Nature. 

Saltscape is scheduled to run from 2015-2017 with a large range of partners delivering numerous services and products.

Our role was to support the local community in conserving the salt landscape through developing participants multimedia skills while connecting them to their local environment.

Our projects led us to work with people across all age groups. We found ourselves working in primary schools, college and university environments. Time has flown by and we can’t believe we’ve reached the end of the Saltscape project.  

Photography Projects

This project saw us working with young people to build and improve on photography techniques. We held two workshop events during September at Winsford and Middlewhich Libraries. We used these venues and nearby surroundings to teach basic camera skills. This allowed for fun and learning to be combined with interaction of the local environment.

Working with Students from Mid Cheshire College’s Foundation Degree Graphics Department. Students got to experience working for a real client and put their creativity towards a good cause. With learning new skills along the way. Advertising materials were produced. The aim of these designs were to encourage people to get out and enjoy the landscape. Their work was hailed by Northwhich Guardian who wrote about Mako Create’s work with Saltscape.

Video Projects

Media students at Mid Cheshire College undertook three film making projects, learning, planning, filming and editing. The films introduced and connected the students to the work that Saltscape partners were delivering. For example, interviewing a Park Ranger and documenting the future plans for Saltscape and Canal and River Trust.

Those involved behind the cameras, got to develop film making skills using Saltscape as a real life study case. Working with a brief, researching and editing content is a valuable experience preparing young people for the workplace. 

Podcasting Project

Primary school students worked together to produce podcasts. The focus being their favourite local places. We worked with them to plan, produce and get young people thinking about their local environment. Winsford Guardian also wrote an article piece on this project.

Students worked together in pairs to write a script. They then used iPads to record their interviews and then broadcasted them to their class.  Through this, they are also gaining a better understanding of the environment and their own creativity.

A collection of podcasts made can be found on Saltscape’s YouTube page

Final Thoughts

Mako Create’s approach to this project was so refreshingly positive and energising.
It’s been a real pleasure to work with Sean. He is brimming with enthusiasm and creativity from many years of working with communities, schools and young people.  This breadth of experience has allowed us to adapt our projects to reach wider audiences more effectively.  Mako Create have been a truly flexible partner, able to work to shifting budgets and priorities and get some great outcomes for the people we work with. They would always be my first choice to run a project with young people.
Hannah Petrie

Press and Communications Officer, Saltscape Landscape Partnership

The project has been a huge success. We would like to thank Saltscape for the opportunity to be part of the project. A full list of the other partners making up Saltscape Landscape Partnership can be found on their partners page. Also, a thank you to all of the people that we have worked with produced excellent media work. Travelling to schools, museums and libraries was always a pleasure getting to see the weaver valley landscape in all of it’s glory. As well as the community’s efforts to preserve their local heritage.