Time has flown and another project is now done and dusted. After a year’s work following our successful application to be part of the Wolfson Project. We were able to train staff to carry out their own digital workshops in libraries.

Wolfson is a charity foundation that awards grants to support and promote excellence across a number of fields of science, education, and the arts.

Mako Create worked across six different libraries in Manchester. The aim was to develop the skills of staff, preparing them to host their own digital workshops within a library venue.

The libraries involved did not use iPads before this project. This led us to installing and setting up 180 iPads split between the six venues. Allowing for easy preparation for training that required specific apps.

We understand how implementing new technology can be a complex process. To combat this we directed a training programme to ensure that all library staff could use iPads.

We hosted an introductory session on iPad training as well. We also designed videos for internal use to take away from our sessions.

Training Library Staff

We visited each library to deliver training to the staff. The first training session focused on basic iPad skills and the creative ways they can be used in a community environment.

To give the staff experience of running their own creative workshops with different audiences. We carried out the training sessions in a live environment. This resulted in each library co-delivering a workshop to schools, families and young people.

Workshops Delivered

Our work led to library staff getting a first hand experience of our expert teachings with young people. Our hands on approach with clear teachings meant that everybody in the sessions were able follow and partake.

Through co-delivering sessions, staff felt confident in planning, and using technology to run the workshops. As a result, libraries involved in this project are now running their own workshops.

E-learning Resources

We developed tutorial videos with step by step instructions recapping all of the training that we delivered to staff members. This allows them to refresh their learning at any time. 

Workshop Materials

To help the libraries plan and promote their own sessions. We designed a range of materials for them to use. This included; registers, evaluative feedback, publicity and promotional material templates. 

What They Said

Manchester Libraries worked with Mako to plan and deliver an externally funded programme of digital literacy for children and young people. Throughout the process, Mako were helpful and flexible, always willing to adapt their programme in response to suggestions.
They proved extremely professional in building a programme of training around the specifics we had outlined, and in making suggestions of their own to improve the programme.
In delivery, they again showed themselves to be good trainers, both with young people and also with staff. The package of support materials they put together was also of a high quality and has helped us to continue to support staff and cascade to others.
Margaret Duff

Service Development Specialist, Manchester Libraries (Manchester City Council)

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank all six libraries and the people involved for their co-operation in the Wolfson Project. We thoroughly enjoyed delivering the programme. During the course, we saw a huge difference in staff’s digital abilities and knowledge.

It’s amazing to see that this training programme has led to the libraries organising and running their own creative digital workshops.