Project Overview

During this six week project participants will develop music making skills, with particular focus on maintaining wellbeing while working towards creative goals. As well as creating music using a range of methods and apps, participants will also be invited to build their ‘brand’ as a musical artist; including the creation of an album cover, a logo and a range of merchandise.

The range of activities on offer includes:

  • Learning how to use a range of music making apps
  • Creating a number of musical tracks in a range of styles and tempos
  • Using greenscreen photography to create a personalised album cover
  • Designing a logo in a digital space, before incorporating the logo in branded physical merchandise

This project is part of our Creativity for Wellbeing in Halton project, funded by Halton Borough Council.

Who can get involved?

We are looking for young people from Halton aged 10-16 who have an interest in music making.

There are a maximum of 12 places available for participants on this project

When does the project start?

This project is made up of 6 weekly 2 hour sessions. The sessions will be held after-school on Mondays at 4:00pm-6:00pm and will include a half-term break after session three:

  1. 31st January
  2. 7th February
  3. 14th February -Half Term Break-
  4. 28th February
  5. 7th March
  6. 14th March

Where will the sessions take place?

The sessions will take place at Halton Brook Community Centre in Runcorn

Equipment you’ll need:

Mako Create will bring all of the equipment needed to participate in this session

How do I sign up?

February 14
16:00 — 18:00 (2h)



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