This free nine-week course has been designed to help young people aged 18-25 from Crewe and Cheshire East expand their knowledge and skills in a range of creative artforms and signpost them towards jobs and career paths in the creative industries.

Participants will receive training in a range of hands-on creative workshops and work towards gaining an Arts Awards Qualification. 

Activities offered include:


-Video Game Design

-Programming / Coding



-Paper Circuitry 


Explore Creativity is part of the Creative Careers in Crewe project, which we designed in partnership with Higher Horizons and Cheshire East Council


As an incentive for attending all nine sessions and successfully completing the course activities and Arts Award log, participants will receive a £30 Amazon voucher to spend as they wish on

Arts Award Explore

The course we have designed in partnership with Higher Horizons is Arts Award Accredited, meaning you can achieve an Entry Level (Entry 3) qualification which is part of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). To achieve the Explore award level you’ll need to produce a completed arts log, which will provide a record of your creative development throughout the project by evidencing your participation through photos, drawings, writing or video.

The arts log is split into four sections:

Inspire – You will evidence your participation in a range of artistic activities and describe which one most inspired you

Explore – You will evidence your understanding of the work of an artist and an artistic organisation, providing research you have compiled

Create – You will evidence the production of a piece of artwork in a discipline of your choice

Present – You will evidence what you have learned and enjoyed throughout the project by presenting your work to others

At every stage Mako Create’s tutors will be on hand to guide you through the process of compiling your arts log and will hand your completed booklet to the accreditor Trinity College London for you at the end of the project.

When and where will the project happen?

The project will take place at Crewe Library across nine Thursday evenings starting from 12th May at 1pm – 3pm. 

This includes a one week break in the first week of June – 

    • Session 1 – 12th May, 1pm – 3pm
    • Session 2 – 19th May, 1pm – 3pm
    • Session 3 – 26th May, 1pm – 3pm
    • Session 4 – 9th June, 1pm – 3pm
    • Session 5 – 16th June, 1pm – 3pm
    • Session 6 – 23rd June, 1pm – 3pm
    • Session 7 – 30th June, 1pm – 3pm
    • Session 8 – 7th July, 1pm – 3pm
    • Session 9 – 14th July, 1pm – 3pm

    What Will The Sessions Be Like?

    All of the sessions are delivered to small class sizes (maximum 10) by two tutors with industry experience.

    Who Can Enrol?

    We are looking for young people aged from Cheshire East with an interest in the creative sector, who would like to develop their creative and personal skill set. Applicants should be aged between 18 and 25. Young people from Crewe and young people in challenging circumstances will be prioritised. 

    We are also running this course for ages 11-13 and ages 14-17, please click through to complete the relevant application.

    How do I sign up?

    To book a place on the course please use the Eventbrite form below:

    June 30
    13:00 — 15:00 (2h)

    Halton, Widnes

    Mako Create

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