Pixel Art and Badge Making | The Studio, Widnes | Halton Short Breaks


This session is part of our Halton Short Breaks project. These sessions are funded specifically for young people in Halton with additional needs. (please contact us if you’re not sure – info@makocreate.co.uk or 0151 345 1419)


Project Overview

During the session participants will learn how to create artwork using pixels; small coloured squares that combine to create a larger image. Whether the art is created by hand, using pens and pencils, or digitally using a tablet participants will transfer their designs onto wearable pin badges, which they will be free to take away at the end of the session. This session will give participants:

  • An understanding of what pixel art is and how to create it
  • Both a manual (pens and pencils) and digital creation experience
  • Hands-on use of our badge maker
  • Their own badges to take away from the session!

Equipment you’ll need:

Mako Create will bring all of the equipment needed to participate in this session.


Sunday 20th November, 10:00am – 12:00pm.


The Studio, Lacey St, Widnes WA8 7SQ.

Who is this course for:

We suggest a minimum age of 8 for this workshop.

This session is part of our Halton Short Breaks project. These sessions are funded specifically for young people in Halton with additional needs.

Personal Care Arrangements

If your child will need help with personal care during the session, a carer who can provide this needs to be in place prior to the session, as unfortunately Mako Create staff cannot provide personal care.

If you receive funding for personal care, then you will need to make arrangements for your carer to attend the session with your child.

If you receive personal care through a Halton Borough Council care package, then you need to make arrangements with the council as soon as possible, for a carer to attend the session for your child.

If you have no care in place, but your child needs help with personal care, please let us know so that we can refer you to the relevant council team.

If your child attends the session needing personal care, but they arrive without provision in place, regretfully they will be turned away.

This ticket is nontransferable – please ensure the name of the participant you sign up matches the young person who arrives at our session

Participants with an additional need may be permitted to be joined by a sibling who does not meet our eligibility criteria, but only if the sibling’s presence will be of benefit to the young person and if there is adequate space on the course. Due to our provision agreement with Halton Borough Council, we must reserve the right to cancel sibling places in order to accommodate other young people with additional needs. We will require a phone call with you to discuss your circumstances if you would like to enrol a non-eligible sibling onto a session.



Mako, Carers & Short Breaks

The Breaks for Carers of Disabled Children Regulations was implemented in April 2011 to ensure Local Authorities would properly offer, and advertise, respite opportunities for those caring for a disabled individual.

We understand that families of disabled children want to lead ordinary lives. Like many of us, they want to provide the best care and opportunities for their children to feel safe, and to be healthy and happy. To help families achieve this Short Breaks have created the “Halton Children, Young People and Families Plan” (a.k.a CYPFP) which has three main goals: 

1) Early Intervention, to ensure families get the right support at the right time. 

2) Achievement and Ambition, to help young people get the right education or training so they can succeed in life. 

3) Healthy & Safe, to keep young people feeling safe in their home, school, and community. 

November 20
10:00 — 12:00 (2h)

Halton, Widnes


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