Code-A-Drone | The Studio, Widnes | Halton Short Breaks

This session is part of our Halton Short Breaks project. These sessions are funded specifically for young people in Halton with disabilities.  

Before signing up for this course you will need to be registered for our short breaks. Please click here to find out more details and apply.


Project Overview

During this two hour Short Break session of Code-A-Drone the workshop gets you hands-on with drones and coding in a fun, creative and safe environment. In the session you’ll learn how to code a mini-drone to take off, fly, turn and land safely. We will test  all these new skills by playing games such as Noughts and Crosses, Battleship and Connect 4. 

What you’ll learn: 

– How to write fundamental block code

– How to plot and code a drone flight path 

– Complete flying challenges

Who can get involved?

We are looking for young people from Halton aged 10-16 who have special educational needs.

When is the session?

The session is Saturday 5th February and will start at 10am and finish at 12pm

Where will the sessions take place?

We are running this Project at The Studio (Lacey Street, Widnes). 

Equipment you’ll need:

Mako Create will bring all of the equipment needed to participate in this session.

We will be practicing social distancing and where not medically exempt, will be requesting that facial coverings are worn by all children aged 11 and over. This is to protect your young person and our staff.

How do I sign up?:

Mako, Carers & Short Breaks

The Breaks for Carers of Disabled Children Regulations was implemented in April 2011 to ensure Local Authorities would properly offer, and advertise, respite opportunities for those caring for a disabled individual.

We understand that families of disabled children want to lead ordinary lives. Like many of us, they want to provide the best care and opportunities for their children to feel safe, and to be healthy and happy. To help families achieve this Short Breaks have created the “Halton Children, Young People and Families Plan” (a.k.a CYPFP) which has three main goals: 

1) Early Intervention, to ensure families get the right support at the right time. 

2) Achievement and Ambition, to help young people get the right education or training so they can succeed in life. 

3) Healthy & Safe, to keep young people feeling safe in their home, school, and community. 

February 5
10:00 — 12:00 (2h)

Halton, Widnes


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