Pixel Art (Pixelate Yourself)

This video tutorial is part of our part of the Holiday Activity Fund project

In this tutorial, Paul will be using Pixel Studio for pixel art app to show you how to turn yourself into a digital sprite. We will show you the basic tools and skills required to draw a pixel art version of yourself.

Once you have completed your pixel art, the next step is animate your sprite. We will teach you the basic techniques of animation to bring your pixel character to life.


We have designed the videos to be suitable for beginners so no previous experience is necessary. The activities should be suitable for anyone aged 8+ to complete on their own. They also make great activities for the whole family to try together.


This tutorial will be uploaded to our YouTube and Facebook Accounts.


It will be FREE to view our videos. All we ask is for a Like on social media or to subscribe to our YouTube channel


Due to the sessions being of a digital nature you will need:

  • A device connected to the internet, to watch the tutorial.
  • A tablet device that has Pixel Studio installed. This app is free and available on Android and Apple devices. 

August 18
14:00 — 15:00 (1h)