Case Study | Crewe Lyceum Podcast Project

Crewe Lyceum Theatre approached us with an amazing opportunity to work with their Young Ambassadors on a podcasting project.

We worked with the Lyceum to create a project plan and following a successful funding application, we were able to produce a programme which covered everything you need to know about making podcasts, including interview techniques, audio production, graphic design and music-making.

The Aim:

This project has two main aims. Firstly, we wanted to help young people improve their podcasting skills and equip them with the knowledge to create their podcasts. Secondly, to help put the group’s newfound podcasting expertise to use by creating a captivating podcast that aimed to promote the National Theatre’s “Connection” project.ย 


The Solution:

Over the course of three two-hour sessions, we taught the young people everything they needed to know to make their podcasts.

We started by sharing essential interview techniques, like how to ask open-ended questions, active listening, and researching your interviewee. We then dove into audio production, where we covered recording and editing.

We also explored graphic design to show the group how to create eye-catching podcast thumbnail designs that would draw their listeners in. Lastly, we got stuck into music-making, where the group created catchy jingles and stings for their podcast.

“Crewe Lyceum Young Ambassadors have been working with Mako Create for the past few weeks, creating their own podcast. Sean and Andy were brilliant, and the group were fully engaged throughout. They learnt about how to be good interviewers, practising listening, and communication skills, wrote the interview questions, and designed their own podcast jingle and graphic. They also talked to the group about potential careers within this area, linking the skills they learnt to future jobs. I would recommend Mako Create and book them again for any future creative digital projects.”

Hollie Wimpenny

Creative Learning and Engagement Manager, Crewe Lyceum Theater

The young people put their newly acquired interviewing skills to good use recording the audio for the podcasts. We then edited the groupโ€™s final podcasts together including their custom jingles and thumbnails.ย 

The Results:

The project was a huge success! We achieved all of our aims, and fifteen young people acquired a valuable set of skills that enabled them to create not one but two incredible podcasts! Check them out for yourself below!