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We were lucky enough to collaborate with Google as part of their wellbeing initiative. This has us working with various Media Companies across London. We delivered our Lego Stop-Motion workshop to help encourage time away from the desk and team building in a positive, and constructive manner. Merkle periscopix, Manning Gottlieb, and Mediacom all took part in our workshops as we got hands-on with animating. 

 Lego Stop-Motion Workshop

Working with Google meant we only had adults participate, each with their own level of creative ability. It was great seeing professionals take a step back and tap into their inner child and we saw some amazing productions because of it.

We’re always blown away by the level of creativity from our participants and those working under the Google wellbeing initiative were no different. From a recreation of Ru Pauls Drag Race to personal anecdotes told in Lego. All the finished shorts got a fantastic response as we screened them before the end.


You can watch the Manning Gottlieb videos below, or by clicking here.



The Merkle Periscopix videos are below are or can be seen here.



Finally, all the Mediacom videos are below or can be found here


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