Mako, Carers & Short Breaks

We’re happy to announce we’re working with Halton Borough Council from 2019 til 2022 to support families of disabled children who live in Halton via the Short Breaks scheme.

The Short Breaks scheme will have us deliver workshops across Halton, where we will be hosting a series of creative activities that engage with disabled children who live in Halton. Because the sessions are part of the Short Breaks scheme, they won’t be open to the general public, however if your child has any of the conditions mentioned below, you could be eligible for these free sessions, providing you live in Halton.

To help widen our range of support, sessions will be taking place within Runcorn, Widnes & Online. 

What is a short break? 

A Short break is an activity (from a workshop to a day out) for those with special needs, in which they are provided something to do without their carer whilst still having the appropriate additional support. This also means the carer is allowed respite as they are given free-time or a “short break” away from caring after the disabled individual. 


Who is eligible for a Short Break? 

Short breaks are for carers and disabled children who live in Halton. In Halton a disabled child is considered to be; a young person between 0 – 18 years old (however our workshops will be for children ages 8 and up) whose lives are affected by one or more of the following diagnosed conditions:  

– A Hearing impairment

– A Visual impairment

– A Learning disability

– A Physical disability

– A Chronic / life threatening physical illness

– A Communication disorder (including Autism)

– A Consciousness disorder (e.g Epilepsy)

– A Mental health condition

The childs condition should usually be expected to last for more than 12 months and have a substantial effect upon the child in more than one of the following areas:  

– Physical ability 

– Communication and understanding 

– Awareness of risk and danger 

– Behaviour 

– Independence 

Each child and family will have different needs and the impact of the child’s disability will be considered against what would usually be expected for any child of the same age. If your child has one or more of the following, it will greatly help your application: 

An EHC Plan 

Individual support at school for 15 hours or more