Digital Art NEET Project – Horizons

We delivered a six-week digital art project with Horizons school in Widnes. Horizons provide alternative education to students that are unable to attend mainstream education. During the project, students learnt about a number of digital arts including; Green Screen, Minecraft, Video Game Design and Music Making while working towards an Arts Award.

Horizons had these fantastic words to say about Sean from Mako Create:

“I would like to thank Sean O’Hare from Mako Create for delivering a series of highly engaging creative media workshops for our KS3 students at Horizons. Our students are all at risk of permanent exclusion from mainstream schooling due to their emotional and behavioural needs. Giving them the opportunity to use high quality, up to date media resources under Sean’s expert guidance was an experience that they would not have had access to if this project did not go ahead. Students found interests and skills they didn’t know they had or didn’t have before and developed greatly in personal confidence and self-esteem through the great activities that they took part in. I would recommend Mako Create to other educational establishments and would be very eager to see them here for future projects”

Steve Daniels – Teacher, Horizons.

Here is video compilation of some of the digital artwork created by the students.


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August 8, 2017