Hey there, Merseyside educators! Get ready for an exciting journey with our fantastic collaboration with Into Film. We’ve got a treat for you โ€“ a bunch of complimentary Teacher CPD Training sessions that are all about diving into the vibrant world of film-based professional development.

Free CPD for Merseyside Schools

Let’s Dive into the free CPD Opportunities for Merseyside Schools:

Free CPD for Merseyside Schools:

Thanks to Into Film’s generosity, we’re super excited to offer these CPD sessions at absolutely no cost to Merseyside schools. Yep, you heard it right! It’s your golden ticket to invest in the growth of your awesome educators without any financial worries.

Tailored CPD Topics for Merseyside Schools:

Discover a range of film-focused CPD topics specifically designed for you, your school, and your incredible students. Dive into the exciting possibilities outlined here. It’s worth noting that these sessions are completely free, courtesy of the generous funding from Into Film, so don’t let the listed prices distract you.

Guided CPD Sessions by Experts:

Our sessions, led by experienced educators, promise practical and effective strategies perfectly tuned to the unique context of your school.

Flexibility for School Schedules:

We get it โ€“ school schedules can be a bit of a whirlwind. That’s why our sessions are flexible, whether it’s a twilight session or an inset day. We’ll make it work for you!

Ready to seize this incredible opportunity to boost the professional development of your school teachers and sprinkle some magic into your students’ educational journey in Merseyside? For more info and to secure your spot in this CPD initiative, either give us a call at 0151 345 1419, email us at hello@makocreate.co.uk or drop us a message below. Let’s kickstart a revolution in teacher development in Merseyside together!ย 

Contact us for more details about our free CPD opportunities for Merseyside Schools: