Fan based funding website Kickstarter has launched in the UK

The famous US based charity site, on which companies, organisations, musicians and more, seek funds for creative or product-based ideas. The site has so far raised more than $340m (ยฃ211m) in funding for fledgling ideas and projects – with 5% of each successful pledge going to Kickstarter.

“The request to expand internationally has long been one of our most requested features,” Mr Strickler, who is the site’s head of community, said.

“We certainly are interested. We’re going to see how the UK launch goes and figure out the next moves from there. There’s a lot of places that will be interesting.”

kickstarter come to the uk

kickstarter come to the uk

Kickstarter Stats

Since launching in 2009, more than 70,000 projects have been pitched on Kickstarter – with a success rate of just over 40%.

Businesses or individuals pitching on the site typically offer arange of perks in return for money. Pledges can be anything from ยฃ1 to thousands of pounds.

More details on this story can be found on the BBC News website hereย or via the Kickstarter blog here.