Thursday evening was one of our first sessions for an Adults Edition of Code-A-Drone. We’ve hosted our previous Code-A-Drone workshops at Madlabs, and now with our “Bring a Friend” discount offer it’s possible to double the fun. And many of our attendees did, as sales were a success.

Our workshop for adults differs as our sessions are mostly held in an evening or late afternoon. We alter our lesson plan for a different audience and the main premise of the workshop is to have some fun and try out a new experience with likeminded people.


We don’t expect you to be a coding expert to attend our workshops. We provide a safe environment to make mistakes and learn something new.To make things a little bit more exciting for our participants, we hand out certificates to our younger drone pilots… but instead we awarded trophies to our best performing pilots of the night.

We’d like to thank all of our participants for attending and taking part in the session! We wanted to create a laid-back atmosphere as Madlabs is close to Manchester City Centre and there’s a lot of fun activities for people to make the most of the evening!