Lego Stop Motion @ Crafty Fingers

Saturday 9th Janurary marks our first time hosting a creative workshop at Crafty Fingers looking at digital technology. We spent the morning looking into how using lego can expand on young people’s imagination and develop skills. In the workshop, participants work to make stop motion animation films, sometimes called brickfilms or LEGO movies, using LEGO and equipment such as iPads to record and edit their own movie creations.

The most important ingredient for making a brickfilm is time. Our workshops run for two hours which is enough time to get involved in the animation process. Many people who enjoy playing with lego dedicate long periods of time creating their own films as a hobby. Building your sets piece by piece, or brick by brick, before the shoot can also take a lot of time. Most brickfilms employ set items built with Lego or similar bricks, with Lego minifigures or similar toy figures as the characters. Our workshop aims to balance the time needed to animate a film and the fun involved in all of our workshops.

Lego Stop Motion @ Make. Liverpool

Lego Stop Motion @ Hack Oldham