All summer long MakoEducation has been running a series of recording studio taster sessions. The sessions where designed so that young people could record themselves with industry standard equipment and expertise. The sessions have been taking place at the CRMZ youth village in Widnes throughout the summer, and have been a great success for everyone involved, so great in fact we put all their recordings onto discs for each participant to take away.

CRMZ Audio CD's of Young People's Studio Session

CRMZ Audio CD’s of Young People’s Studio Session

Typically we would host the recordings online so that the young artists can listen to their track when they get home. However, with so many people wanting to record, and with many people recording numerous times, we decided to provide each participant their very own album. Each album contains each young persons recordings which they can share with their friends and family forever. Almost all participants at the CRMZ summer program had a go at recording themselves in our sessions, but if singing wasn’t their cup of tea, we use all of the equipment that we typically use when recording artists for our sister company MakoMusic, this means the young people could gain experience behind the microphone, learning from our experienced engineers on how to professionally record music.

Check out the main features of our mobile recording studio sessions in this short promotional video:

More information on our audio based workshops can be found here: MakoEducation’s Audio Workshops.

All the young people at The CRMZ in Widnes were extremely enthusiastic and genuinely interested in taking part in the recording process. It was fantastic to be able to demonstrate a highly refined process to people of such a young age in a way that was understandable yet engaging. All participants have not only walked away with their very own audio CD but gained an experience that was entertaining yet informative. I think it’s safe to say that all parties had a great time and we look forward to working them all again soon.