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Creative Practitioners

CulturEd is a project designed to bring diverse and practical arts driven workshops into Schools and other educational environments around the St.Helens area. One of the key goals is to run workshops, which not only practically demonstrate arts skills, but also up-skill teachers to apply the techniques to support further learning outside of the workshop. 

How is Mako involved?

As part of the CulturEd project, we are delighted to offer an innovative, creative, digital art workshop to schools – “Drone Light Graffiti”. It’s the perfect blend of artistic expression, creative thought and scientific delivery. The session teaches photography skills, using long exposure and shutter speed manipulation to capture light trails. The light will be produced by our drones’ flight path, which is programmed via block-based coding based upon JavaScript. By the end of the workshop participants will have coded a light path for their drone, which will then be captured photographically and turned into an amazing piece of light graffiti. 

This workshop will also be delivered as Teacher CPD and family sessions. 

Unqiue Workshop

With this project we’ve fused together two of our favourite workshops, Code-A-Drone & Light Graffiti.  We’re incredibly excited to see what everyone will do with this unique way of creating abstract art through coding drones to produce light paths, coupled with photography – it’s a great way of testing creativity! 

We are available if you’d like to host your own Drone Light Graffiti session.

Want to book your own Light Graffiti session?