Drone Flying Workshops

An unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. We use iPads during our sessions with options for manual flying and coding the drones to fly. Take a look at our Code-A-Drone workshops and Drone Racing activity to find out more.



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What Is Code-A-Drone?

A stimulating activity that uses mini-drones to demonstrate the power of coding in a fun, creative and safe environment.

Key Benifits:




Problem Solving


Team Work






Great Fun


Who Is It For?


Our Code-A-Drone workshops and extra curricular clubs are a great way for students to learn new computing skills. They take computing lessons to new heights, by utilising hands on, cutting edge aviation technology. Our sessions inspire students as they take part in this fun, creative and interactive group activity.


Our Code-A-Drone activity is great fun for people of all ages and is a great way for adults to take on exciting challenges as part of a team. Using our drones, we have devised a range of activities that centre around problem solving which helps to promote team work, communication skills and planning techniques.


Code-A-Drone is so much fun, we even cater for celebrations, birthday parties and much more. With a variety of mini games and prizes to compete for, everyone will be sure to love it. Our Code-A-Drone activity will provide a unique and exciting experience for your next party or event.

“A fun, hands on and innovative club to spark the interest of our children in technology of the future!”

Miss Pratt
St Julie Catholic Primary School

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What Is Drone Racing?

A fun and competitive activity where racers manually control a mini-drone to fly around a set course, against the clock or each other.

Key Benefits:



Communication Skills


Team Work


Great Fun


Want to know more?

MakoCreate’s introduction to Drone Racing gives budding pilots the chance to take to the skies and race a real drone in a fun, creative and safe environment. During the session, each participant will learn how to manually pilot a mini-drone to take off, fly, turn, do stunts and land safely. They are then given a range of challenges that put these new free flying skills to the test. The final part of the activity will teach participants to race drones safely around a circuit that will challenge all of their new piloting skills. During the activity, each participant will be provided with all the relevant equipment and tuition. No previous drone flying experience is necessary.

So Much Fun!

“Racing the drones was really fun and the guys from Mako were great.”

Everybody Loved It

“I wasn’t expecting it to be so much fun! Everybody loved it.”

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Code-A-Drone | Liverpool MakeFest 2019

Code-A-Drone | Liverpool MakeFest 2019

The Venue We were lucky enough to visit the beautiful Central Library in Liverpool, as part of MakeFest 2019. This wasn't our first time at MakeFest as we've worked with them multiple times throughout the years. The venue itself is amazing, spanning over multiple...

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Lego Stop Motion & Code-A-Drone @ Hack Oldham

Lego Stop Motion & Code-A-Drone @ Hack Oldham

Our Code-A-Drone Workshop We visited Hack Oldham once again for our Lego Stop Motion and Code-A-Drone workshops, we opened up another opportunity to get young people down and take part in our fun and creative sessions, learning new skills along the way. <blockquote...

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Lego Stop Motion & Code-A-Drone @ Make. Liverpool

Lego Stop Motion & Code-A-Drone @ Make. Liverpool

After our most recent and successful visit to Make. for our Lego Stop Motion and Code-A-Drone workshops, we opened up another opportunity to get young people down and take part in our fun and creative sessions once again. Our Code-A-Drone Workshop <blockquote...

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