The Venue

This was our first time venturing into the beautiful Bright Building in Manchester on Thursday 6th June 2019. Situated within Manchester Science Park, this technologically driven creative space was the perfect host. Surrounded by screens in a light, open space was great for us as we delivered a Lego Stop Motion workshop. Having free wine and cheese also helped create the relaxed atmosphere we were hoping for. 

 Lego Stop-Motion Workshop

This workshop was a little different from our usual ones due to a much more diverse age range. While many of our workshops focus around helping young people get into creative media and coding, we cater for all ages. W.A.C had us working with professionals from all over the UK. 

We were blown away by the quality of the animations that had been made, even in such a relaxed and casual environment, everyone worked hard to make a fantastic final product. 

As the event drew to a close, we found ourselves with enough time to screen each short film which was great as we got to see everyone’s reaction to their own art and other peoples creations. 

If you or a company you know are interested in an adult orientated creative workshop please do get in touch and we can discuss options / packages. You’ll never need to worry about equipment as we provide everything on the day.

For those that attended the session, all of your amazing videos can be found here


We frequently get asked what type of events do we cater for.

We will collabarate with anyone that can host us.

Everything is covered from Birthday Parties, to After School Clubs, to Corporate Events (we don’t just do workshops for kids, adults are catered for too).

If you or anyone you know is interested in working with us, click below to get in touch via our Contact page.